Team Olympic Gold Medal 2012

“I think you have captured his cheeky face perfectly. It has pride of place in my sitting room”

Carl Hester

“Amazing Christmas present all thanks to Bridgette. It looks brilliant pride of place in the front room along side another commission from Bridgette of Liebling, Escapado and Dolendo and soon to be of dear old Dexter Dog. Thank you Bridgette for this super piece of a super horse, it brought a tear to Carl’s eye on Christmas morning!”

Ben Neal commissioned for Carl Hester

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©Bridgette Anne Smart

Dear Bridgette


Back in 2011, my sister, Jacqui Cope commissioned a picture of her beloved horse Casino. Sadly, we lost Jacqui to breast cancer in April this year.  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much she loved the picture, she always said that you had captured Casino perfectly, which you did. It brought her such joy, every time she looked at it, especially in the latter days of her illness when she was not well enough to ride, or to take care of Casino herself. Our local picture framer did a stunning  job mounting the canvas, and it had pride of place in her dining room.


She left the picture to me, and I will treasure and cherish it always, it will now have pride of place in my dining room.


Thank you for making her smile


Jenny Cope



“I have had some amazing comments regarding Darius portrait in pastel. You have captured his character, demeanor and personality in every way! My late husband was so proud and overwhelmed when he received the portrait from you! I cannot thank you enough for this treasured picture! You are so gifted it’s amazing!”

Gaynor Mathews



"Bridgette - thank you so much for the wonderful portrait of Indi - you have captured his good looks, character and personality perfectly and it will be a wonderful reminder of a special dog for years to come. It was a gift that took my partner Adrian's breath away on his birthday. Now - for your next trick - I challenge you to complete the hat trick (having painted our old dog Rolo several years ago) by recreating on canvas our latest Golden Retriever, Naughty Norman No Mates..."

Joanne Bednall



Such a brilliant surprise!! I had absolutely no idea that for a whole year mum had been planning this. Turns out Bridgette had even been over to take photo's of her before Burghley last year! All mum's sneaky trips now make sense and I no longer think she is having an affair haha. Although I am slightly upset I didn't get to go to Blenheim with Mum and my sister when I thought mum was up at Harriets sorting out stressful house stuff they were having a lovely time walking the cross country course and seeing Rosie in all her beauty on Bridgette's stand! Incredible sneakiness and Mum is extremely relieved that she doesn't have to hide it anymore and she is even more relieved that everyone who knows Rosie is in awe of the likeness of the painting!! Thank you so much Bridgette!!

Georgie Fenn



“Bridgette, thank you, my painting of Jazz is amazing, it’s a mirror image of my fab little pony”

Helen Roddis

“Miski and Lady”


“Wow, we knew this would be excellent but in fact it has exceeded our expectations by far, it takes pride of place in our dining room, every day we grow to love it more and more. It is exactly Miski and Lady. Thank you very much Bridgette”

Caroline Pendry

“Longbarn Maisie”


“The picture of Maisie has really caught her true likeness and love it. She is a real princess and this shows that. My sister took a photograph of the picture and had it put on to a silk bag for me as she knows how much I love it and now have with me all the time”


Karen Bartlett

"SL Lucci"

Pastel - December 2013

European Champion

“This stunning pastel was a surprise present for me too and I cannot express just how beautiful it is. It is the weirdest thing to walk into my living room and have him there looking at me. Bridgette you have captured our special boy perfectly and I am so grateful to you that he will be with us forever, thank you x”

Tracy Peters


  Pastel - 2011

Commissioned by

Charlotte Dujardin

“Valegro” & “Winnie”

“Bridget - I just had to write to you to say how grateful I am for the portraits you painted of Winnie and Valegro - I love them. They are truly amazing; so lifelike, portraying the true personalities of both of these lovely characters. Thank you so very much” Charlotte

Charlotte Dujardin

Olympic Team and Individual Gold Medal 2012

“King William & King Boris”

Oil on Canvas

“Thank you so much for the really wonderful painting of King William & King Boris. It is certainly a painting fit for Kings!”

Mary King


   Pastel - 2012

Commissioned by

Charlotte Dujardin


  Oil - 2012

Commissioned by

Charlotte Dujardin



'Bridgette has a unique ability to capture true personality in portraits like I've never seen before, creating work beautiful and captivating. It's so magical to see the painting unveiled and see your dog or horse, not just a picture, looking back at you!

Bridgette is just delightful to work with and really does manage to get the best out of the animals. She is able to produce some fabulous photos of them to work from, probably the best you've ever seen. We will definitely be wanting Bridgette to do commissions for us in the future and I can't wait! Bridgette, We can't thank you enough for this special memento you have created for us capturing the true 'Ruby' in her portrait.'

Rebecca Raynor

Looby Lou Gola & Dolly

We have known Bridget Smart for over ten years and our first oil painting of my partners horse Looby  lou was so “ life like “ and it brought tears to my partners eyes , we were delighted in fact we asked Bridget to do her other horse. Her other horse “Amy” this was done in Pastels the horse’s expression was completely captivated , she was a very expressive animal almost human in her looks . Finally we had another pastel done of my ex race horse Gola together with my partners latest horse Dolly all in the same picture ,this was so outstanding ,we will cherish all these pictures all our life when we will be reminded of their time with us , thanks Bridget for creating such marvelous pictures .

Tim Grieg

“Mistral Højris”


Team Olympic Gold Medal 2012

"I am thrilled to have the beautiful portrait of Alf at home, it is such a lifelike image of him that captures his personality so well, it feels like the real Alf looking back at me!"

Laura Tomlinson



“I can't thank you enough, it truly is amazing! When I took it home for my mum to see and she burst into tears!”

Kirstie Baker

“Rise Above It”


Lucy came round when we got back, and we opened a bottle of fizz in his honour!

We are all so thrilled with the wonderful portrait of Mr Whiz. It is as though he has come home, and Lucy and I feel really happy and relaxed about it all. Having his portrait seems so right!

Can't thank you enough, as your amazing talent has given us our boy back!

Sketches are just right, and amusingly, Hannah Mace saw it, and said those aren't all Whiz! So she spotted Connie was the odd man out!”

Mary King

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I was lucky enough to share 16 years with Dexter, who sadly passed away last year. Dad a Rottweiler and mum a tiny Jack Russell, don't ask how it happened! he was a real character and feisty to the end!
Many thanks to Bridgette for bringing his personality to life in this lovely painting.

“Carl Hester”